Special Reports and Handbooks
Through these special reports and handbooks, OPIS provides insightful analysis for the downstream refined products industry.

OPIS Retail Year in Review and Profit Outlook Report
Packed with pages of intriguing brand details plus market snapshots, heat maps, national and regional breakdowns and more, the OPIS Retail Year in Review and Profit Outlook Report delivers a 360-degree look at last year's retail landscape. Learn more >>

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OPIS Fuel Regs & Specs Handbook - 2017 Edition Just Published!
The only desktop reference source that helps you easily track today's complex and changing fuels regulations nationwide -- completely updated for 2017. Learn more >>

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OPIS Transportation Fuel Index
This special report gives analysts an immediate picture of wholesale performance and trends. For gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel prices, this will end the frustration in working with out-of-date statistics. Learn more >>

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OPIS 2017 Outlook Forecast - updated for 2017!
This special report provides an outlook for the 2017 petroleum landscape. It includes exclusive commentary and analysis along with charts and graphs that depict price volatility throughout 2016.

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OPIS Refinery Maintenance Report - NEW!
Get timely and detailed information about refinery unit outages with the OPIS Refinery Maintenance Report. You’ll have actionable market intelligence delivered right to your inbox as soon as changes happen to help you forecast supply impact, pricing trends and more in order for you to make better-informed business decisions. Learn more >>

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Exclusive Study: The New Economics of Octane - NEW!
The unexpected run-up in octane's market value is puzzling to the marketplace. What factors are driving this rise and how will it impact your industry? Written by energy experts with 125+ years of combined experience, this 84-page study is packed with insightful analysis and commentary. Learn more >>

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