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OPIS is pleased to provide the following “White Papers” providing insight and information on a variety of topics pertaining to the global downstream industry. Please feel free to download and distribute these as needed and if you have questions on a specific topic, please contact the sponsoring company for additional information.

Lower Carbon Intensity Solution — How Biodiesel Has Become the Answer to Emission-cutting Initiatives

RenovaBio: A Paradigm Shift for Biofuels in Brazil
Published by: OPIS, July 2017
Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy recently unveiled RenovaBio, a program poised to take a radically new approach to expanding the production and use of biofuels in Brazil. Download this free white paper and learn the implications on U.S. ethanol imports and exports.

Lower Carbon Intensity Solution — How Biodiesel Has Become the Answer to Emission-cutting Initiatives

Lower Carbon Intensity Solution — How Biodiesel Has Become the Answer to Emission-cutting Initiatives
Published by: REG, July 18, 2017
The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is undeniably altering the transportation landscape in California as it aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This free white paper examines how obligated parties and fleets have turned to biodiesel as a lower carbon solution for LCFS compliance.
How to Achieve Fuel Compliance: Increasing Automation to Reduce Costs and Avoid Errors
Published by: Avalara, February 17, 2016
Excise tax determination and returns filing for fuel is one of my most complicated tax codes in the United States. How does your company combat the ever-changing rules and regulations to ensure you're compliant? Download this free white paper to find out.

Don't Pay That Invoice Until You Know the Taxes are Accurate
Published by: Avalara, December 14, 2015
This paper provides three strategies to ensure you only pay what you owe in taxes.

Taxing Natural Gas As A Motor Fuel: Overcoming the New Challenges of Tax Compliance
Published by: Avalara, November 10, 2015
This paper explores the challenges faced by tax managers in any business participating in the supply chain for natural gas-based motor fuels.

The Rise of Biodiesel: New Alternative Fuel, New Taxation Challenges
Published by: Avalara, October 22, 2015
This report discusses the emerging role of biodiesel and taxation challenges associated with it.
OPIS Focus: Spotlighting the Florida Retail Fuel Market
Published by: OPIS, September 24, 2015
According to a recent OPIS demand study, Florida marketers are seeing a rise in retail fuel sales. Download this informative 16-page report for FREE. It contains over two dozen charts and provides an insightful analysis on what's happening with demand throughout Florida.

Ethanol Taxation Challenges: The Blend for Compliance Success
Published by: Avalara, September 24, 2015
This report helps make sense out of the tax confusion so you can achieve success in the ethanol market.
How to Generate Accurate Bulk Fuel Invoices
Published by: Avalara, August 25, 2015
Using the strategies outlined in this white paper, savvy fuel suppliers are working to ensure indirect tax compliance and build a trust relationship with their buyers through accurate invoicing.
The Impact of VLCC Fleet Speed on Effective Fleet Size
Published by: Genscape, June 22, 2015
Explore the relationship between speed, spot charter rates & bunker prices to understand fleet demand for better decisions.


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