OPIS White Papers Program
Reach Key Decision Makers. Build Your Brand. Generate New Sales Leads.

Participate in OPIS's White Papers Program and reach more than 22,000+ downstream petroleum supply professionals. You get the full contact information of anyone that downloads the white paper.

OPIS White Papers sponsorship opportunities:

  • Post your own White Paper
    We post your companies white paper on our site.
  • Sponsor an OPIS White Paper
    OPIS writes these white papers and offers companies the opportunity to sponsor them.

As a sponsor you receive:

  • The opportunity to review the white paper before publication.
  • Possibly contribute editorial.
  • Your company logo on each page.
  • Get a company bio and a full page ad at the end of the white paper.

What is the OPIS White Paper Program?
This exciting program offers you the opportunity to reach thousands of proven buyers and decision makers. White papers are professionally designed research papers that position your company as the solution to critical issues facing the energy industry. White papers work because they educate readers rather than giving the appearance of advertising.

Hot topics that appeal to OPIS subscribers include:

  • Hedging
  • Risk Management
  • Software Solutions
  • Investment and Finance Strategies
  • Renewable Fuels
  • New Technology
  • Supply Markets
  • Lowering Fuel Costs
  • Storage and Transportation Issues
  • Fuel Buying and Management Strategies

How can you use the OPIS White Papers Program to your advantage?

  • Product Launches
    White Papers can play a valuable role in launching a new product. In the early stages of your sales effort, they are especially effective in explaining a new technology or service to your prospects who are searching for ways to solve the problem your product addresses.
  • Industry Leadership
    Certain types of White Papers also provide an excellent platform to demonstrate your company's position as a thought leader in energy industry. These White Papers take a forward-looking, big-picture approach, providing your analysis of important issues and vision for addressing them (and perhaps preparing the industry for a future product or service under development by your company).
  • Competitive Advantage
    Whatever service or product your company provides to oil jobbers, wholesalers and oil company executives, the White Paper strategy positions you as a better solution than any of your competitors. White Papers make a convincing, credible market case for your product in a format that is engaging and helpful. And the best part is – the customer has actually asked to read your White Paper, a powerful indicator of interest. Talk about a qualified lead! You could speak to a packed house at a convention or stand in an exhibit booth for three days and never get the kind of active response that a White Paper delivers.

Benefits of the OPIS White Papers Program:

  • Six month exposure on the OPIS White Papers website to thousands of growth-motivated buyers and visitors.
  • Free marketing for your white paper. OPIS will deliver email messages to its customers informing them of your white paper which can be downloaded from the OPIS White Papers website.
  • New, qualified sales leads delivered to you promptly.
  • Company branding – get free exposure for your company.
  • Survey the audience. You can provide up to 4 unique questions for each white paper – a perfect opportunity to find out more about your qualified leads!

Subscriber Access

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