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Through its combined Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific offices, OPIS collects more than 2 million spot, wholesale and retail prices per day - more than any other oil pricing service.

Americas Coverage
OPIS began operations in 1977 by covering petroleum news out of its Americas office. A short three years later, it pioneered rack price discovery for thousands of wholesalers and continued to branch out over the years into the spot and retail fuel markets. Now, nearly 100 billion gallons of fuel are pegged annually to OPIS rack, retail and spot prices for U.S. gasoline, diesel, LPG, jet fuel, crude, propane, feedstocks, resid, kerosene, ethanol and biodiesel.

Spot Market
OPIS Mobile Spot Ticker
OPIS Spot Ticker
OPIS Full-Day Refined Spots Report
OPIS West Coast Spot Market Report
OPIS North America LPG Report
OPIS NGL Forwards Report
OPIS North American Propane Ticker
OPIS Global LPG Ticker
OPIS Worldwide Jet Fuel Report
OPIS Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service
OPIS Crude Oil Prices
PointLogic Energy
Wholesale Rack Market
OPIS Mobile Real-Time Racks
OPIS Real-Time Racks
OPIS Gasoline/Diesel Rack Prices
OPIS WebRacks
OPIS Bottom Line Report
OPIS Canadian Rack Report
OPIS Mexico Racks
OPIS Truckstop Spread Report
OPIS Propane Rack Prices and Daily Report
OPIS Biodiesel Rack Prices
OPIS Ethanol & Biodiesel Information Service
Axxis Software
Retail Fuels Market
OPIS Demand Report
OPIS PricePro
OPIS Retail DataHouse
OPIS Retail Radius Report
OPIS Retail Fuel Watch Newsletter
OPIS Retail Market Share Report
OPIS Retail Chain Scorecard
OPIS Truckstop Spread Report
OPIS Retail Fuel Average Prices
OPIS Retail Fuel Average Margins
OPIS Retail Fuel Prices by Station
OPIS Retail Fuel Stations List
OPIS Retail Fuel Prices Widget

Europe Coverage
OPIS has established itself in the European market as a reliable, accurate pricing information source through its daily assessments and news coverage for jet fuel, gasoil, ULSD and most recently LPG.

OPIS Europe Jet, Diesel &l; Gasoil Report
OPIS Europe LPG & Naphtha Report
OPIS Europe Jet Tanker Tracker
OPIS Europe Diesel Tanker Tracker
OPIS Europe Gasoline Tanker Tracker
OPIS450 Europe Jet Ticker
OPIS450 Diesel Marine Oil Report

Asia-Pacific Coverage
OPIS reports full-day pricing assessments at major Asian hubs on a range of oil products such as jet fuel, gasoil, fuel oil, naphtha and LPG. In addition, it provides important news of trade, tenders and cargo shipments. Terminal Gate Prices for refined products including petrol, ethanol blended petrol, automotive diesel and biodiesel for Australia are also covered.

OPIS Asia Jet Fuel & Gasoil Report
OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report
Australian Terminal Gate Prices

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